COVID-19 – Does It Spread Through Food?

COVID-19 - Does It Spread Through Food?

All might be wondering that even if I’m at home I may get in touch with this coronavirus COVID -19 through food or water. To clarify your misconception we are researching below:

Just practicing social distancing or wearing mask or using sanitizer, do really make us safe from this Corona virus COVID-19. That’s a big question that we all wondering around. 

The virus spreads from one individual to other one through the respiratory droplets released when the infected person coughs, sneeze or talks. It can also get in touch with the person where the infected person has touched before. You can wonder the difficult the situation is and how risky it will be to go grocery store or touch the stuffs all around in the grocery store.

We can’t clear all your doubts but have a deep look on to it.

Food containers and packaging: There’s no such evidence behind that by touching the containers or package may lead to corona virus. Many stores provide sanitizer first to apply and then enter into the store. Many others have come up with no-contact takeout and delivery to minimize the danger of transmission.

Still, if you’re worried, you should follow a strict regime of safety guidelines like washing hands, using sanitizer frequently, wearing mask, using gloves etc. apart from that, transfer the food stuff into a clean household container. Afterwards wash the hands immediately.  This is to reduce the risk.

Drinking water: It hasn’t detected that drinking water may spread COVID-19 corona virus. Water treatment facilities already filter the water and disinfect it before it supplies to you. This process is done from many years back and so there’s no such precaution needed for water.

Grocery store produce:  yes, it can be possible that the corona virus might stay on fruits or vegetables if it is touched with the infected person. But the thing is you can take a good care of your fruits and vegetables once it brought down to your home. Clean the stuff with normal running water. You may also use salt to disinfect those fruits or vegetables. Don’t use any sanitizer or soap to disinfect those stuffs, it may let you sick.

Wash your hands well with soap and water as soon as you get home and even after disinfecting the stuffs.Clean and disinfect the reusable bags that you carried to the store. If so ever you are not able to wash it regularly then at least disinfectant it with spray.

Consider wearing a mask compulsory and maintain social distancing from other shoppers.