Do You Involve Elders In Your Holidays?

Do You Involve Elders In Your Holidays?

The holiday season is the session of handful of memories and emotions for all the age groups but eventually we tend to skip the old age people most of the time.

As the time passes the elder peoples are kept alone in the house during holiday season. Due to this they are mentally unstable and fail to be secured to stay alone the house. Now it’s your time to take a good opportunity or step and check more or less care for them. During the signs of elder abuse you must have a clear conversation with them. Older adults just want to be with people and spend their last breath happily. As per the world health organization 1 in 6 adults is a victim of this situation.

As the population grows the concept of roaming individually is more often common. They are adults above the age of 60 or 65 whether they have children 2 – 5 a more commonly kept alone during the vacation period. This secure old age lab at the University of Southern California Leonardo School of psychology gerontology says that several decades the elder are suffering from this.

There are many family members and friends who don’t like to abuse elders or prevent these situations.

Financial reviews

Holidays can be in a peak season which is more expensive and unbearable for most of two to three people. And in this situation to add one or two elder becomes more trouble for earning member of the house. Under report of Americans says that financial elder abuse is a growing problem.

The older people are more often targeted for scams. Among those the family member is the crucial one for this elder abuse. Abuse by family member goes beyond the limit which can be frustrating for them emotionally and physically. Among those almost 1% is found death due to this cause. They are more commonly mistreated and also found with serious physical injury from the emergency room visits, hospital and nursing homes.

Is it so hard stopping this abuse?

  • First win their heart and feel them secure.
  • Have a verbal conversation
  • Let them roam outside with their friends
  • If possible take almost once in a three months out for the dinner

Not but the least, vacation is the best thing they will found the relaxation and love for you for forever. Yes, take them for a vacation whenever it is possible for. Unfortunately, they are the one who have given birth to you. Make some wise decisions and keep them happy always. Since, they won’t stay more longer with you. Only the memories will flourish of them with you. Stay happy and keep others happy.