Exercise during Pregnancy Is It Safe or Not

Exercise during Pregnancy Is It Safe or Not

There still a misconception whether exercise is safe for pregnant women or not. Some refers that exercising during pregnancy is safe for delivery and even for child.

If you are a pregnant and heavyweight it is said that adopting exercise is better as per the study in the American journal of obstetrics and gynecology full stop it might increase the risk of preterm birth and may also lead to C-section. When it is a normal weight woman it is said that exercising can avoid C-section and avoid other health risk. As per the research 22% of women who are pregnant who wasn’t active had n c section in compulsory. And less than 18% of active women. Among those 2.4 % of the active women were having gestational diabetes which could lead their life or even for even after the delivery. 6% of the inactive women had high blood pressure due to the pressure during the pregnancy and delivery.

As per the routine the moderate aerobic exercise for about 30 to 60 minutes 3 to 4 times a week is normal for a normal weight woman. Make sure you consult your doctor before doing any exercises plants. In first trimester it’s better to avoid such routine so as to avoid the misconception. Working too hard mail it to you is harmful to your child. Who are active enough during pregnancy can have a 90% active healthy baby for stop.

For normal delivery, it’s better to work like in a regular basis so as to avoid C section. C section can ruin your life by having painful gestures along with back pain for forever. While in normal delivery women are most active one for longer periods of time. Exercise keeps us healthy. Once you are completed with first trimester you can slowly start with the exercises. Do as your doctor’s prescribe. This will help you to stay and secure during the pregnancy. Miscarriage is common problem during pregnancy so doing heavy workout could lead the same. So as to avoid that you must take a prescription.

Exercise is better and best for all of us always. But make sure you adopt it’s as per your health. Since each and every one us is different and so is our health. Kindly step into the better safer world. And let your baby breathe a pleasant air by doing small and steady exercises of breathing. That’s compulsion in every pregnant women routine.