Hair Straightening and Dyes Linked To Breast Cancer

Hair Straightening and Dyes Linked To Breast Cancer

The most common beauty things usually the women’s do is permanent hair dye and hair straightening which is now relatively associate with breast cancer as per the new study involved in a journal called International Journal of Cancer.

Hair dyes and straightener cream are chemical. As we all know. But we haven’t known the fact that before the dies and chemical cream can now link to cancer like breast. The blood and blood cancer relative Lee examined by the American cancer society which results in increased risk of Cancer from Salon employees. These men’s saloon employees are relatively link to the cancer. So as the woman are linked to breast cancers from this chemical stuff.

As per the 1990 study straightener called as keratin treatment found the content like formaldehyde which releases during the application process. new research found that Urja the National Institute of Health and National Institute of environmental health science found that women in the sister study recreate retreat breast cancer free diagnosis With this disease.

Women from 35 to 75 age were found and this situation. The health, lifestyle and demographics of the study for about eight years. Among those half of the people were found with hair dyes and later 10% among those was found with chemical straightener. Nearly 2800 study participants found with breast cancer which was not clearly found the main culprit. 9% of the higher risk is developed from the breast cancer and 45% from the chemical use of Salon products for stop Alexandra white, and National Institute of environmental health science epidemiologist says in the study is that there is a difference in the formulation of dyes and straighteners used by different people.

The co-author Dale Sandler says it that the thicker the hair the more the dye absorbs. The doctor not found the clear opinion about this study or research but from send that Women are likely to die from breast cancer more often than earlier. Doctor Nisha only and assistant professor of hematology and oncology at the University of Texas southwestern Medical Center notes that women develop the subtype of breast cancer relative Lee from this chemical use.

Most of the women tend to get cancer as the age that kind is can be any reason behind this. There is no solution on natural ingredients to apply hair dye your hair straightener formulas. Some compounds at 10 to release car genius density than other others full stop the aromatic amines are the colorless chemicals shown in DNA breast tissue and potentially lead to a cancer. The die or straightening maybe anyone temporary or semi-permanent is found the answer more frequently in 2018 companies reformulated the products contain acetate.