How Fatal The New Corona virus Is?

How Fatal The New Corona virus Is?

The Novel Corona virus, a COVID-19 is the upcoming virus which gets spread through the respiratory droplets.


In December 2019, the first patient of corona virus was emerged in Wuhan, China with some pneumonia symptoms but with unclear origin. Later, until 2nd March, there were almost 90,000 cases confirmed all over the world.

All over the world

Among those 90,000 people 45,705 were recovered speedily but remaining was unable to get so and 3000 was the mortality.

Mortality rate

Mortality for COVID-19 appears higher than other infection, especially periodic flu. While the accurate rate of mortality will take time to understand. But until we can guess that it’s about 3-4% divided by the reports.

We all are in the stage 3, where people get infected internally and not by others who have traveled outside the country. Therefore, in this stage we must take a good care as well as must be preventive.

There is no such vaccination and no firm treatment for the COVID-19. Except the HCQ which is a some sort of hope to all the countries since it is only off-label treatment until now to treat this infected virus.


Wear face mask – COVID-19 can get involved into the human body only when there is a combination of respiratory droplets from infected person. Therefore, the mask will play a role of shield to it. Even your own droplets might don’t pass it on to other one.

Using sanitizer and washing hands frequently – if unknowingly you have come across to the infected person or might have kept your hands on the infected stuff thereby just washing hands or using sanitizer will help to clear the bacteria from your hands.

 Drinking hot water – frankly, there is no such evidence behind this hot water strategy but prevention is better than cure. If drinking hot water will help you to keep a doctor away, then what’s the problem behind it?

PPE kit – if you are on the mission of corona virus warriors, you must definitely use this kit. Doctors, nurse or any medical team available for the treatment for this infection should compulsory wear this kit. It 90% helps them a lot.

Stay at home – Last but not the least, this is the best option any one can find it. Now, the whole world is stopped and so you must also be. Somewhere you being at home can help others to find a way from this difficult situation.