Prediabetes is common in pre-adults

Prediabetes is common in pre-adults

Pre-adults means young teenagers aged 20s-30s are considered to have a pre diabetes as per the US government research team.

As per the study, Pre-adults or young adults have prediabetes almost one in four of them. u.s. centres for disease control and prevention report says that 1 in 5 prediabetes in teenager age. The essential symptoms are like higher blood sugar level then the normal one. The sugar level is not so high that it could reach into a type 2 diabetes.

Prediabetes is prevalent and very common amongst the the adolescent age. This could go into a serious health condition once it reach to the level of type 2 diabetes, heart disorder or stroke said by the author Linda Andes, a statistician with the CDC division of diabetes translation. Prediabetes can be reverse or may extend to a higher level. Therefore a healthy diet, good physical activities and weight control all this should be taken into consideration. As per the prior data, the national representative nutrition survey says that 6000 teenagers are suffering from this issue. The sugar level were checked into three categories and at the same time the blood pressure and cholesterol were also done. The study says 18% of the teenager are best obese, have high blood pressure and cholesterol, hypertension, stress etc.

Amongst those male were more likely to have prediabetes then female one. They were found found with more weight, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. This for the associated with cardio metabolic risk in those people said by Dr Mary pat gallagher director of paediatric diabetes centre at NYU langone’s hassenfeld children’s hospital in York city.

This screening, this group of people were both targeted and should undergo with the careful prevention lifestyle. In this study, a vast lifestyle changes are considered and taken into consideration. The habit of smoking, drinking and having a wide enjoyment in life as per the age would lead to a serious cause. Those people at the age of 65 and 40 may gradually shift to a severe health issues which could lead to death or dangerous health condition soon. Therefore for those this could be a wake up call, the parents should take care and also show a teenager should follow a strict diet regime.