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Armodafinil is a classical therapy for the sleeping disorder. It helps in stimulating the brain to feel like recovering the lack of sleep. Thus, this indeed helps in staying alert for longer hours.


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If you are suffering from the trouble of Narcolepsy or uncontrollable sleeping issues commonly said to be sleep apnea, the solution of Armodafinil is the best one. The tablet uses the compound called armodafinil that results in great help for those who are in trouble of sleep.

Nuvigil is the brand of the pill. It reaches in the market with the aid of this branded compound’s composition.

The pharmaceutical world comes up with varied treatments and solutions, the best one for sleeping sickness is the above-given pill only. People from the hectic daily schedule and shift changing work have lack of sleep and thus this is followed negatively on to their work. This influences sometimes in loss of job too. For such people with the appropriate prescription, this treatment may work fabulously.

The medicine comes in a standard strength of 150mg. This particular dose is more than enough to make you alert for longer shift working hours.

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Action Mechanism of Armodafinil

The medicine is invented for a specific treatment of sleep apnea but at the same time, it approves to work on other conditions too like cognitive issues. Yet the working or active mechanism is not clear. Nevertheless, it is a definite treatment for that particular issue too. Make sure before making any attempt you take a prescription and follow doctor accurately. This aids in wakefulness and stimulating brain functioning in a positive manner.

The working is very mysterious but the treatment is pretty quick. It stimulates the brain by sending a chemical signal to the nerves. This indeed results in cognition level and memory recalling too. You can stay alert and fresh active also.

The 150mg dose of the medicine is safe from the approval of FDA for the security purpose. This may be the right choice of your life to recover the sleeping issue.

Precautionary Measures of Armodafinil

If you are dealing with some other health conditions, you must avoid using the treatment.

People with the heart issue, depression, or blood pressure should not consume this particular pill.

Cardiac or liver patients are strictly advised not to take this medicine. If ever you want to try this, please make sure you get the appropriate prescription and also follow the precautionary measures.

You should not increase the dose. Since the standard dose is 150mg only. Take once in a day.

Visit a doctor for the consultation.

If you feel any side effects, immediately consult a doctor. Moreover, stay away from its side effects. Therefore, it is a necessity to read out the above-given steps thus to stay safe and to avoid the negative effects.

Dosage of Armodafinil 150 mg

As we all know now, Armodafinil is in 150mg standard dose. Therefore, the prescription is compulsory. People vary in their health and so need to be consulted from a doctor for dosage.

Do not take the medicine twice in a day. One is more than enough.

Take with a glass of water. Swallow it. Do not chew or crush it.

Do not mix it with alcohol or cigar consumption. This may give a negative impact on one’s health.

Common Side Effects of Armodafinil

Side effects are as usual common for all medicines. Some here are:

  • Nausea
  • Facial flushing
  • Nasal flowing
  • Dryness
  • Itching

These are very few one. If you follow, any of the side effects immediately take an advice from your physician and stop using the treatment.

Warnings of Armodafinil

Pregnant women should ask for a strict consultation. Mostly they are said to stay away from this medication. This may harm an unborn baby.

Kids should not take the medicine.

Medical advice is compulsory for everyone. Mainly, a family physician will suggest you perfectly about your health and the treatment you are assuming for.


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