Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Cured By New Technique

Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Cured By New Technique

In the current research, sleeve ballon named fresh technique (medical device) has the same effects as of traditional Bariatric surgery

New procedure of treating type 2 diabetes is being newly emerged (on the process to treat on human). The effects proclaim to act as same as of Bariatric surgery in rodents and also results notably on body weight, fats and diabetes (blood sugar control). All in one, that means it can cure type 2 diabetes as well as obesity altogether.

The study was made in King’s College in London. This research was published in EBioMedicine Journal that had found the treatment very useful and effective.

Sleeve ballon, a medical device combines a balloon in connection with sleeves. This mainly covers important parts of intestine. To has to be inserted through surgery into the stomach and bowel under anesthetic observations.

Later on, the study was compared to that of old traditional Bariatric surgery on 30 rodents fed with maximum levels of fat. Both the treatment resulted on the same track. Likewise,the average is of 50% to 60%.

In the early findings, most of the people aren’t able to treat their problems due to some medical to financial crisis. Gastric bypass surgery was one amongst the treatment. Only 1% was able to get successful operations for obesity.

Like in sleeve ballon treatment, one can treat the problem for both obesity and diabetes problem. Since in gastric bypass surgery, there is a huge risk of increasing blood sugar level (glucose) which causes Hypoglycemia.

Conversely, the new technique induces the glucose level and control appetite to drop down the weight. After 6 to 12 months, once the treatment shows its results, it should be removed. Yet many more researches are to be done.

All the researchers are keen to test the results of this treatment. One thing, they assure is that almost 30% of the population will lose the weight with this technique very soon.


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