Yoga to freshen up your day

Yoga to freshen up your day

Do you feel low during whole day of your life? Then, try a simple and energetic yoga practices to balance your day.

yoga is always said to be a part of mind focus. Since, it requires no other gears accept a spacious living room and a mat. This routine is for balancing strengthening and keeping your body and mind flexible.

Child pose

  • Knee bend, then stretch your arms straight.
  • Take your hands forward on to the ground.
  • Steadily inhale and exhale.
  • Focus on your practice

Table top

  • From child post to table top, with your shoulders straight palm on the ground.
  • Hips stacked over knees
  • Keep equal balance.
  • Strength and your muscles.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly.

Cat pose

  • From table topic at cat pose, round the upper body.
  • Keep hip and knee straight down
  • drop your head and keep your chin inside.

Cow pose

  • Keep your belly low and lift your chest upward.
  • Straighten your hands from shoulder.
  • Look forward. Keep your lower body inside curve.
  • Drop your shoulder towards upward direction.
  • Try to keep this practice from cat to cow position for 4 to 5 times.

Downward facing dog

  • Walk with your hands forward for an inch or two.
  • Lift your hips upward.
  • Face perpendicularly down.
  • Legs slightly bend.
  • Stay for around 3 to 5 breathing exercise.

Forward fold

  • Totally your body by keeping legs and hands together.
  • Delhi reaching to your thighs. Head to the ground.
  • Shoulder width apart.
  • Relax your body and try moving your neck around here and there to losing your stiffness.


  • Fold forward and take a step with hands
  • Fold feet together
  • Slightly bend from hip to toe
  • Stack your shoulder
  • Chin down
  • Make your core muscle stiff and engage for 3-5 breathes

Low cobra

  • Sleep on the stomach
  • Hands on the sides, near low rib
  • Keep your shoulder more tight
  • Press the tops of the feet to floor
  • Face downwards
  • Dog left lift
  • From downward facing dog lift your one leg upward
  • One Foot firm and the other one towards the ground
  • Repeat this with your other leg
  • Warrior 2
  • Wide your torso up, arms reach out
  • Keep equal weight of your hands
  • One knee slightly bend to the respective sides
  • Spin accordingly

There are many types of yoga processes but make one thing clear that few yoga practices is enough but it should be on regular process.